Common Sense in Advertising


Summary: A provocative and unconventional look at modern advertising. Common Sense in Advertising takes the view that much of advertising is wasteful, the author shows how creativity can be made more meaningful and effective. Part I of the book dissects the “Seven Deadly Sins” of modern advertising. Part II, “How to Deal with the Enemy” looks at the hurdles that face an advertising campaign and shows how successful ad-men have overcome them. The book sheds fresh light and new thinking on basic advertising beliefs, with much of its findings stemming from a large consumer judgment study conducted by the American Association of Advertising Agencies. 

Heroes of the Golden Gate


Summary: The human story of the creation of the Golden Gate Bridge is revealed here through the lives of the people who envisioned and built it -- the discoverers and explorers, the politicians and bankers, the engineers and construction workers, and others in a colorful galaxy of characters. Who were these extraordinary people? A unique feature of this history is the first-hand stories of dozens of the men and women who shaped and built the bridge --people now in their later years, but whose clear memories and bright reminiscences bring the creation of this engineering marvel back to life. Heroes of the Golden Gate weaves both the facts and tales of human interest and heroism into a fascinating story.

California in the Year 2000


Summary: This insightful book looked into the future of the Golden State, examining and forecasting where California would be in the year 2000 in terms of population, ethnic make-up, growth by area, age of its citizenry, economic development, jobs and income, transportation, education, agriculture, water supply, health care, environmental problems, crime, culture and the arts, and political power. The conclusions and projections are based on exhaustive research, analyses, and interviews with business leaders, civic planners, educators, scientists, and government officials. The results and conclusions proved to be remarkably accurate.

Review, Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Charles F. Adams, former megalith wave maker in the advertising agency business, has researched and written a brilliant and fascinating look at our fair state, and some of his conclusions are WOW!”

The Magnificent Rogues of San Francisco


Summary: In this book you will meet twenty of the most bizarre, colorful, and unforgettable characters you will find anywhere. With great story telling, the author brings each vividly to life, describing in fascinating detail their strange contributions to San Francisco’s history. Shanghai Kelly, who supplied many a ship with an unwilling crew; Joshua Norton, the madman who became emperor; Charles de Young, the publisher who shot a senator; Charles Boles, the gentleman who became Black Bart; and Sally Stanford, the famous madam who later became a mayor. The Magnificent Rogues of San Francisco provides a fascinating gallery of fakers and frauds, rascals and robber barons, scoundrels and scalawags.

Review, Michigan Alumnus Magazine:

“If you delight in rogues and outrageous characters, then this is one book you won’t want to miss!”

Murder by the Bay


Summary: Murder has a long and distinguished history in San Francisco. The city and its Bay Area can stand proudly with Paris, London, and New York in the splendor it its misdeeds -- murders that have suspense, horror, audacity, and flair. The homicides chronicled in Murder by the Bay, have been selected because a convergence of personality, circumstance, character, and geography makes them peculiarly San Franciscan. With story telling skill, the author combines research and wit to create a collage of suspenseful and compelling vignettes.  The tales of murder and mayhem include the celebrated Zodiac killings, the Fatty Arbuckle scandal, and the assassination of mayor Mosconi. 

Review, The San Francisco Chronicle:

“In Murder By The Bay” Adams uncorks tales that have everything – larger-than-life characters, intrigue and reckless journalism.  Adams does a good job not only of relating the fact but of exploring the inner workings of our society.”



“The Night They Invented The Campaign”  

Assoc. of Newspaper Executives, Greenville, SC.  1967


“How To Keep It Out Of The Wastebasket”  

The Poor Richards Club, Philadelphia, PA. 1971


“Ink On My Sleeve”

Northwest Newspaper Association, St. Paul, MN.  1973


“The Democratization Of Intellectualism”

Advertising Club of New York, New York, NY.   1974


“Author, Author!”

Marketing Club of Miami, Miami, FL.  1979


“Lateral Thinking And Its Consequences”

World Advertising Conference, Tokyo, Japan  1981


“The View From Washington”

Australian Marketing Conference, Sydney, Australia  1985


“The Fatty Arbuckle Scandal”

San Francisco Historical Society, San Francisco, CA.  2004

The Complete Geezer Guidebook


Summary: An irreverent look at the aging process and what it takes to achieve true geezerhood. Chapters include "The Great Geezer Test", "Geezer Philosophy'. "Geezer Wisdom" and "Great Geezer Gags".  Also included are instructions on how to talk like a geezer, think like a geezer and dress like a geezer.  There is also an illuminating chapter on the subject of "great geezer sex" which some readers find shocking and provocative!  The book is illustrated by more than 50 cartoons from The New Yorker magazine. Named by the Mature Media Council as the most entertaining book of the year for seniors.

Review, Ricardo Reviews:

“The breadth of knowledge of author Chuck Adams is amazing. This book is a must read for all who may become a geezer in the next ten years. I laughed out loud many times. A humorous book from a very clever man.”

101 Things You Say All the Time

(and have no idea what you’re talking about!)  


Summary: This book is both a literary exercise and a game. Three possible explanations of origin are given for a hundred and one commonly used phrases as “on cloud nine,” “the whole nine yards” and “the worm turns.” Only one is correct and the answer for each is given on the following page. Readers are asked to “separate the wheat from the chaff.”

Review, Joe the Plumber:

“At last! The perfect bathroom book!”            

Review, The Wall Street Journal:

"Communications is the job of advertising and Charles Adams in his new book gives us provocative ideas on how to make advertising more communicative.  “Common Sense” is well worth a read.”

Review, The Californian:

“Heroes of the Golden Gate” tells a rare story of accomplishment, satisfyingly rich in detail, and engrossing throughout.  The style is clear, lively and readable.  The story is told with great skill and understanding.  “Heroes” is highly recommended.”

1939—The Making of Six Great Films from Hollywood's Greatest Year


Summary:  “1939” reveals the incredible behind-the-scenes stories of the making of six great motion pictures in what is considered Hollywood’s most historic year. These are films that are still viewed and admired today: “Gone With The Wind," “Stagecoach,”,“Mr. Smith Goes To Washington,” “The Hound of The Baskervilles,” “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” and “The Wizard of Oz.” Also described is the creation of the novels on which these films are based. Intertwined in the narrative are the fascinating lives of film stars, such as Clark Gable, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Vivien Leigh, Jean Arthur and Jimmy Stewart.

Review, ForeWord Reviews:

“This book has the tone and integrity of an engaging, well-researched book. Adams is both historian and fanatic. Plentiful photos and movie posters bolster the text. Readers familiar with the films will find new insights and connections, and readers less familiar will find a world of awe opened before them. This is a book that will really whet the appetite of movie goers.”                  

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